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Beautiful Thing:

A Passion for Porcelain

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In this arts documentary for BBC4, Ros Savill (former director and curator at The Wallace Collection) tells the extraordinary story of some incredible and misunderstood objects; the opulent, intricate, gold crested, (and now much maligned) Sèvres porcelain of the 17th Century.

Ros Savill attempts something brave and unusual. Rather than telling us about another great modernist, cubist or abstract artist that we know we ought to appreciate. She makes us appreciate and even possibly fall in love with objects that have fallen way out of fashion and been aesthetically undervalued for years – 17th Century French decorative Arts. She unravels the stories of some incredible and intricate objects, re-connecting us with the lives and stories of the artists and craftsmen who created them as well as the patrons and collections who have owned them.

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