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In this fascinating film, disabled artist and filmmaker Richard Butchins challenges the importance of good vision in making great art. He suggests that visual impairments have contributed positively to the creation of art. From the renaissance to the present day, Richard explores how artists have fought a battle with poor vision and how it's gone unnoticed in terms of shaping the work of the great painters of the past. Richard feels these artists inadvertently paved the way for current artists to have the freedom to create regardless of visual challenges.


Examining the work of Rembrant, Cezanne, Monet and Munch to the synesthesia of Kandinsky and some leading contemporary artists, Richard Butchins discovers surprising revelations about the effect of impaired vision on many painters of the last 150 years and beyond as well as revealing how new scientific methods, progressive social initiatives and ground-breaking technology are shedding light on the lives of our most treasured masters, and opening up the art world to people who would never previously have been able to access it.

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