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Jo Brand

on Kissing

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Following on from her popular exploration of crying Jo Brand is back – and this time she’s got a bee in her bonnet about kissing. Jo’s convinced the kiss has lost its value. We’re either air kissing people we’ve never even met before or snogging each other’s faces off in public. Either way Jo’s had enough of it and decides it’s time to find out whether the kiss really is ‘kisstory’. Along the way she meets some voracious kissers in our closest animal relatives, the bonobo monkeys, learns a bit about the history and science of ‘locking lips’ and discovers the beauty of the kiss in some rather extraordinary oral sculptures. And then Jo starts to realise that she needs to figure out her own relationship with the kiss. Visiting her mother uncovers some clues as to Jo’s phobia of public kissing. Maybe the key is to find someone she really wants to kiss - and perfect her technique a bit while she’s at it …. A drama workshop proves decidedly awkward but a few tips from an American kissing guru and Jo’s well on her way to tracking down her mystery man. But what then?

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