The Reluctant Landlord

It’s a swansong to old-fashioned pubs like Fawlty Towers is an ode to tourism before TripAdvisor- The Telegraph 

Romesh – reluctantly inherits the pub from his late, much more positive, happy-landlord father. Running a pub with a bunch of idiosyncratic regulars couldn’t be further from what hip hop loving Romesh wants to do. And to make matters worse, his nemesis Dave Foster keeps rubbing the salt in the wound with his much more successful plans for his neighbouring pub - The Dog.

Starring Romesh Ranganathan as Romesh, Sian Gibson as his wife, Natasha, Yasmine Akram as the bar manager, Steve Edge as Dave Foster, Shaheen Khan as his mother, Marek Larwood as Lee who props the bar and Nick Helm as his best friend Lemon, this semi-autobiographical sitcom follows Romesh’s life both in and out of the pub as he balances family life and a long running feud with local pub landlord, David Foster, with running a pub in the manner that all of his late father’s admirers would like him to. Also featuring Vicki Pepperdine, Alison Steadman, Phil Davies, Tom Basden, Steve Stamp, Loyle Carner, Brona Titley, Evelyn Mok, Will Smith, Tom Meeten, Terry Mynott

The show takes the best of British sitcoms and adds a modern edge. The reluctant landlord is sure to be your new favourite show- The Independent 

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